– ‘The Ol’ Switcheroo’ at Jupiter Woods (Studio International, May 2018)

– ‘Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future’ at Hayward Gallery (Studio International, May 2018)

– Pakui Hardware: ‘The Return of Sweetness’ at Tenderpixel (Art Monthly, May 2018 Issue)

– Ilona Sagar: ‘Correspondence O’ at South London Gallery (January 2018)

– ‘Fatal Softness’ at Koppel Project (MAP magazine, January 2018)

– Anne de Boer & ‘System Attempt Contact’ at Banner Repeater (Studio International, January 2018)

– Yuri Pattison: ‘context, collapse’ at Mother’s Tankstation (Studio International, November 2017)

– Zach Blas: ‘Contra-Internet’ at Gasworks (Studio International, October 2017)

– ‘Inner Other’ at Gossamer Fog (MAP Magazine, August 2017)

– ‘Untitled’ at Tyburn Gallery (Aesthetica Magazine, August/September edition, August 2017)

– ‘Corrupted Blood Incident’ at South Kiosk (Curating the Contemporary, July 2017)

– ‘A Handful of Dust’ at Whitechapel Gallery (Studio International, July 2017)

– Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: ‘Reports to an Academy’ at Domobaal (Studio International, June 2017)

– ‘Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction’ at Barbican (Studio International, June 2017)

– ‘Jerwood Staging Series’ at Jerwood Space (this is tomorrow, June 2017)

– Rory Pilgrim: ‘Software Garden’ at Rowing (this is tomorrow, June 2017)

– ‘The Ends of Collage’ at Luxembourg & Dayan (this is tomorrow, April 2017)

– Maeve Brennan: ‘The Drift’ at Chisenhale Gallery (Studio International, April 2017)

– Joachim Koester: ‘In the Face of Overwhelming Forces’ at Camden Arts Centre, (Aesthetica Magazine, March 2017)

– ‘Tropical Hangover’ at Tenderpixel (this is tomorrow, February 2017)

– Mahmoud Bakhshi: ‘The Unity of Time and Place’ at Narrative Projects (this is tomorrow, February 2017)


– Katy Connor (CLOT Magazine, December 2017)

– Grace Weir (Studio International, November 2017)

– Katriona Beales (Studio International, October 2017)

– Lawrence Lek (AQNB, June 2017)